Eyelash Extensions at Image Makeover


Our amazing esthetician Lea Brito does eyelash extensions and boy is she ever
good! With eyelash extensions you wont need to wear makeup and your eyes will
still have the big and bright look. The eyelashes are dark so the only mascara
you’ll need is clear mascara (to help keep them looking neat after a night of
tossing and turning) What most of our clients love about having the extensions
is that they always look put together, even if they had to rush out of the house
without makeup. Most of the celebrities( if not all) that you see with dark sexy
eyes or soft and natural look, they have eyelash extensions. The extensions last
3-4 weeks before they start looking scarce. The treatment of putting them on is
very relaxing, some have been known to fall asleep, the eyelashes are put on one
by one while other salon and spa’s put them on in three’s, the benefit to this
is when one falls off, only one falls off not three. The extensions last much
longer wear when they are applied this way. The cost of eyelash extensions is
$120 for a full set the first time they are applied and $50 every 3-4 weeks to
maintain them. When you think about how much time you could be saving, this is a
small price to pay.