We are a Revlon Professional Salon


As a Revlon Professional Salon,
we offer a wide variety of Revlon products for both men and women.
Style Masters
-Pre tools defender
-Pre work detangler
-Amplifier fiber mousse
-Elevator 360 roots lifter
-Reset control
-Vinylist look creator
-Orbital curls designer
-Hairtistic multi-use
-Mattnific texturizer
-Flashlight hairspray
-Moldulator hairspray
-Photo finisher hairspray
-Glamourama finisher
-Draft modeling clay
-Laser gum elastic shine definer
-Hardwire sculpting fiber
-Solid wax structuring paste
Revlon Professional
-Sebum balance shampoo
-Dermal cleansing clay
-Dandruff control shampoo
-Dandruff control shampoo
-Anti-dandruff treatment
-Renewing peeling
-S.O.S calm shampoo
-S.O.S calm roll on
– Ultra calm serum
-Shine up shampoo
-Shine mousse texturizer
-Hydra rescue shampoo
-Instant hydra balm
-Hydra rescue treatment
-Brilliant hydra elixir
-Hydra rescue repair
-Color sublime shampoo
-Blonde sublime shampoo
-Color sublime treatment
-Color sublime serum
-Color sublime booster
-Blonde color sublime booster
-Equave 2 phase
-Equave hydro nutritive creamy mask
-Equave 2 phase perfect blonde conditioner
-Equave 2 phase perfect summer conditioner
Pro You
-Color shampoo
-Color mask
-Moisturizing shampoo
-Moisturizing conditioner
-Volumizing shampoo
-Volumizing conditioner
-Repairing shampoo
-Repairing conditioner
-Moisturizing leave in treatment
-Nutricolor cream (all colors)
-Orofluido -The perfect hair elixir for all hair types
-Motions hair lotion
-IMO image gel